As Discussion Section and Lab Leader

GPEC 443: GIS and Spatial Data Analysis (Fall 2022, Fall 2023) Master's Level Course

POLI 10D: Introduction to American Politics (Winter 2022)

INTL 102: Economics, Political, and International Change (Fall 2021)

POLI 151: International Organizations (Winter 2021)

As Research Apprenticeship Program Leader

Winter and Spring 2023

The RAP program provides excellent undergraduate students an opportunity to work with a PhD candidate on their research as research assistants. In return, the graduate student mentors the undergraduate students and teaches them about the research process and about the substantive topic of their dissertation. I led a team of three undergraduate researchers, collecting, coding, and geolocating reports from international organizations on environmental conservation and protection.

As Teaching Assistant

GPEC 444: Advanced GIS and Remote Sensing (Winter 2023, Winter 2024) Master's Level Course

POLI 120F: Interest Group Politics (Summer 2023)

POLI 10: Introduction to American Politics (Summer 2023)

POLI 170A: Applied Data Analysis for Social Science (Summer 2022)

GPCO 410: International Politics and Security, (Spring 2022, Spring 2023, Spring 2024) Master’s Level Course

POLI 120F: Europe as a Political Model (Spring 2021)

POLI 110C: Political Thought from Kant to Nietzsche (Spring 2020)

POLI 142A: U.S. Foreign Policy (Winter and Fall 2020)

POLI 160AA: Introduction to Policy Analysis (Fall 2019)